Tuesday 30 November 2010


When I awoke this morning and pulled back the curtains this was the sight that met me. It was snowing heavily! It's eased up a bit now, bar the occasional flurry, but several hours of thick flakes falling has left about 2 inches on the ground. Lovely!

I still haven't grown up enough not to love snow(!). Not driving probably helps me keep that outlook (cars crawling along at little over walking pace through the sludge does not look like fun, I agree) and I also have a natural imperviousness to the cold so actually enjoy this kind of weather - it's the heat I can't deal with!

So out for a walk in the snow I went and, just like I mentioned with fog, it makes everything take on a whole new appearance. People out and about, even the older generations, seem happier as though the change of atmosphere and winter wonderland look lifts the spirits somehow. People were laughing and joking and making the best of it - no complaints or concerns like the media would have you believe.

One thing I really like about walking in the snow - footprints! There's something about leaving a mark of your progress - a really tangible, fun aspect of snow. I find all the different imprints fascinating; one can tell a lot from them - large men's shoes, small women's shoes (even heels!), heavy intricate treads of the thick boot or the smooth flatness of the unprepared and their trainers. I particularly enjoy seeing the various routes people take - who keeps to the path, who strays from the route taken by others - and also like to try and spot my own boot-prints from my outward journey as I make my way back.

Not sure for how long we're forecast snow in this neck of the woods, but as long as it doesn't get so bad that we end up properly snowed in, I don't mind it! Is it too early to predict a white Christmas?!


  1. We had snow here in my part of Canada on the weekend, but the rain has come and washed it away, so you have more of the white stuff where you are than I do in the Great White North ;)

    I don't drive either, so I share your appreciation for the sparkly splendour of a wintry white scene. Here's hoping for White Christmases all around!

  2. We had snow up here in Scotland too. Lovely....and I'm with you as long as I don't have to drive, I really enjoy it!

  3. Debi -

    My dad lives in Scotland - just to the east of Elgin - and he's had it really bad, apparently. He had to walk into town with a sledge the other day, because even with a 4x4 the roads were impassable!

  4. Plenty of snow here in Surrey. Which made me getting to work impossible. Woo! But i can work from home. Boo.


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