Wednesday, 17 November 2010

One year, 156 posts and 38 followers later...

And here I am, still blogging merrily away! Yes, today is exactly one year to the day that I set myself up in this little corner of the Interweb. I believe it is customary to have some sort of giveaway competition to mark blogiversaries and the like, but I shall have to crave forgiveness and postpone such an event for now. To be honest this anniversary sort of sneaked up on me and beyond a celebratory post I was somewhat unprepared(!). Maybe when (or if!) I reach another milestone such as 50 followers, or a special occasion like Christmas, I'll organise something (if I can work out how!).

If you'd have asked me a year ago whether I thought this blog would last, or where it would lead to, I wouldn't have been able to say for sure. In fact, I have to admit that during some of the dark early days my hand hovered over the "Delete Blog" button on more than one occasion(!). However I persevered and, without wishing to sound immodest, have become rather proud of my own small creation, the manner in which it has grown and evolved over the last twelve months and the pleasure it has given me in that time. Of course, compared to some of the vintage (and other) blogs I've discovered since entering blogdom my humble effort pales in comparison, but without it I would never have found those sites or the wonderfully like-minded folk behind them and for that I am truly grateful.

I'm just as grateful to the thirty-eight people so far who have found the topics I post, and the blurb I write underneath, interesting enough to warrant following. I'd like to thank each and every one of you for that and your comments, which are always welcome - it reassures me to know that I'm not just wittering on to myself here! Special mention should also go to Red Legs in Soho, whose blog spurred me to start my own. Thanks to Blogger Stats I'm also amazed by the number of visitors who stop by and where they're from - if it's to be believed I've had readers from as far afield as Australia, Brazil, Russia and India - not to mention such unusual places as Aruba, South Korea, the UAE and Nigeria. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined my ramblings and interests finding an audience in such locations! The Internet certainly does make the world a smaller place...

Right, that's enough prattling from me on this subject. Normal service will be resumed shortly and I hope you will all continue to join me in my vintage-inspired rummage through the news, for another year and more!


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