Friday, 5 November 2010

6023 King Edward II train to be launched at Didcot

6023 King Edward II train to be launched at Didcot

A bit of welcome news now in the form of another restored steam locomotive, this time the Great Western Railway 6000 King Class engine 6023 King Edward II.

Consigned to the scrapheap (left) in the early 1960s following the introduction of diesel locomotives this engine has undergone years of restoration and thanks to the efforts of many a group of enthusiasts will soon be hauling passengers again.

That this particular engine was considered the "the biggest 'no hoper'" in the scrapyard just goes to show how much devotion there is to these old machines and the skills and dedication shown by those involved in getting to back to its former glory.

Once again another important (not to mention stylish!) piece of British railway history has been given a new lease of life and shortly will be transporting people not just up and down the Mid-Norfolk and Didcot lines but also back in time to the '20s and '30s, providing a valuable insight into train travel of 80 years ago.


  1. Oh my, this is splendid news indeed. I've not ventured to Didcot, must get over there. Thanks for a topping post dear boy :D
    G x

  2. happy to hear that,you're so lucky over there!


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