Saturday, 28 August 2010

The Victorian soldier who served in World War Two

The Victorian soldier who served in World War Two

If ever there was someone who lived up to the adage "old soldiers never die" then this fellow must surely be he. What a fantastic record, and what a life he must have led! I admire his obvious passion for what he seemed to feel was his calling (I particularly like the fact that he "missed" army life after the First World War (!) so much so that he volunteered for service in Ireland) and marvel even more so at his good fortune to survive so many wars! The fact that he had such an incident-packed life and was highly decorated merely adds to the story and holds him in even higher esteem.
What it must have been like for him to see the amazing advances made over the course of his life (from the 1898 Anglo-Sudan War, above, to working at the Admiralty, left, in World War Two) I can't imagine but obviously the desire to serve his country never left him and I'm so glad that a house clearance (the kind of thing I feel sure has and will continue to lead to such incredible, hitherto unknown, discoveries) has unearthed this remarkable story of an honourable and marvellous man and his life in the Forces.

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