Thursday, 5 August 2010

Motoring enthusiast builds 367mph bus

Motoring enthusiast builds 367mph bus

We've had super-fast lawnmowers, jet packs and [potentially] record-breaking land speed cars, so why not a 367mph bus? Here again the epitome of an enthusiast and a team of like-minded individuals have taken something incongruous and transformed it into something amazing and unthought-of. I always admire people who can look beyond the obvious and ask the question "why not?", particularly in an engineering context, and who end up creating something so wonderfully advanced. The fact that in this instance the finished product has the outward appearance of an everyday machine just adds to the fun of it all. (Fancy going to school at 350mph?!). That Mr Stender and his team have subsequently put the vehicle to such excellent and worthy use makes the story even more laudable.

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