Sunday, 15 August 2010

Jersey vintage cars featured on island stamps

Jersey vintage cars featured on island stamps

I actually stumbled across this while searching for another article, but as it combines two of my great loves I thought it at least deserved a place here.

Jersey has a good record of having very attractive and interesting stamp sets and these are no exception. One of the reasons I enjoy collecting stamps is that in many cases they are like little miniature portraits and the care and detail that goes into the designs is, to my mind, absolutely amazing. The artist in this case has done a really first-class job(!).

Jersey also has a good record of preserving classic cars very well, as a result of the warm climate and an island-wide speed limit of 40mph. Both these factors work in favour of the vintage car and so have provided the artist with a nice wide range of vehicles to depict.

Hum! I feel an urge to add to my collection...!

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