Monday, 9 August 2010

Rare vintage racing Bugatti could fetch world record price

Rare vintage racing Bugatti could fetch world record price

Once again another rare Bugatti makes its way onto the auction circuit and threatens to break the record price paid for a car of its type. This time it is a 1931 Type 51 Grand Prix racer, in highly original condition. That fact alone should ensure that it commands a high premium, even among the rarefied atmosphere of such vintage cars. Of only the 40 or so made this particular example is supposedly one of the best , with a good history (particularly considering that, by all accounts, the Type 51 was not one of Bugatti's most successful race cars - although that may add to the charm). Just as in the art world, these are the things collectors look for in a purchase and as mentioned in the article (and touched upon here in previous, similar posts) the classic car market is well known for bucking the general trend of the economy as the rich and discerning look for secure investment opportunities. I hope (and feel sure) that whoever ends up buying this one-of-a-kind car, however much they pay for it, is a car buff as well as a speculator and will enjoy his purchase for its aesthetic qualities and racing pedigree as much as for its monetary potential.


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