Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Airships: a second age

Airships: a second age

A very well-written and detailed article here about one of my favourite machines; a stately mode of transport that has for too long been largely absent from the skies. Now, however, it would seem that airships are on the cusp of a proper comeback thanks in no small part to these sterling chaps working out of the same site that once housed the British dirigibles R.100 and R.101.

They seem to be a very determined, knowledgeable and experienced team with some good backing and some interesting-sounding possibilities. I'm not sure about their insistence on the term Hybrid Air Vehicle; as a budding aeronaut and zeppelin aficionado the word "airship" has no negative connotations to me but I can understand that it might have to the man in the street.

Naming conventions aside the whole thing has the appearance of a very exciting and profitable venture. I have said before that I refuse to believe that the airship has had its day and look forward to seeing these aerial behemoths ploughing through the air again in the future. With this latest development, that vision looks like being a step closer to reality.

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