Friday, 4 February 2011

Excitement in Paris as classic cars go on show

Vintage Cars Go to Auction in Paris

Excitement indeed; if the cars don't get you going the location surely must! What a gorgeous building, and what machinery! How fitting that some of these cars should return to the same place they were shown 110 years ago (and again 60 years later). One can almost image the super-rich of 1901 wandering amongst them and marvelling at the then-new technology. A great showing of the history of the motor car too, I'll warrant. Another reason to hop on the Eurostar to Paris (I wish!).

Lord Raglan's 1930s vintage cars in Paris auction

A splendid selection of motor cars, a slideshow of which can be found here courtesy of Reuters, making up one of the best collections to be sold by Bonhams in quite a while. Too bad about John Lennon's Ferrari, although I can well believe the current owner's reluctance to sell!

A Bonhams automobilia sale is usually something to drool over at the best of times, but for it to take place in the beautiful surroundings of the Grand Palais is likely to make it even more special. The perfect marriage of motoring and architectural history, one might say.


  1. Oh BROOM! I can't drive, but I'd happily buy one of those and just sit in it in the garage. Assuming I had the money for the car, of course, not to mention a house with a garage!

  2. It would be nice to have one of those nice big chunky Rollers, although I'd be perfectly happy with a dinky Austin A30 or Ford Anglia.

  3. I'd definatel go for the Aston at the beginning of the clip, not that I'm a speed Queen or anything....


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