Thursday, 3 February 2011

Vintage steamroller used to repair road

Vintage steamroller used to repair road

This is the kind of story I love - vintage machines being used for their original purpose and successfully to boot!

I'm sure we all (even non-drivers like myself) know of a few potholes along our daily routes - particularly after the harsh winter - just as we know that the council are unlikely to fill them in any time soon in the face of all the budget cuts they're undoubtedly facing.

So top marks to this fellow and his father for taking the initiative in such great fashion (and how lucky are they to own a working, 80-year-old example of just the vehicle to do it?!). It may only have been a small stretch of little-used track but it's still great to see an old beast like this doing such a thorough job when more modern machinery was not available. I think North Yorkshire Council ought to take up Mr Raley's offer!


  1. that's fantastic. Sometimes newer isn't better!!

  2. How fantastic, long live Mr Raley and his wonderful steam roller.
    Bet Mr Raley & Son could get all the horrid pot hole sorted out in next to no time, lickerty split..


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