Monday 14 February 2011

Vintage look for Jersey Airport

Vintage look for Jersey Airport

This is a rare event - a building being redesigned to look the way it did when it first opened. The fact that the building in question is Jersey Airport's Art Deco 1937 terminal makes it even more of a welcome occasion.

With the bulky and ugly Seventies additions removed the geometric lines of the arrivals building will once again be visible for all to see and appreciate, hopefully for a long time to come thanks to the planning authority arranging for listed status.

Jersey may be one of the smaller airports in the grand scheme of things and so be more readily able to accommodate such a change (not to mention lucky to have the original building still standing) but it is still a great triumph for a beautiful design style, applied to such a commercial building. If only more airports could look like this, travelling might not be such an unpleasant experience. In fact I feel a trip to Jersey coming on right now!

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  1. How wonderful as you say that for ones a building is being redesigned to look the way it did when it first opened.
    I quiet agree with you that if for no other reason than to see this building in person a visit to Jersey would be in order to arriving at a wonderful redesigned / restored Art Deco 1937 terminal would most certainly be this vintage gals dream, I have just the luggage for the occassion.
    Jersey is now on my list of places to visit.


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