Tuesday 15 February 2011

Upstairs Downstairs to return for second series

Upstairs Downstairs to return for second series

Welcome news for we vintage costume drama fans as the B.B.C. announces a "second" series of the new Upstairs Downstairs (I say "second" because the first was really a three-part special rather than a whole series - unless 3 episodes constitutes a series nowadays?).

A full-blown run of new episodes was always on the cards provided the first 3 performed well and with apparently very healthy audience figures this looks to have been achieved, so we have been amply rewarded!

Now with this, a second series of Downton Abbey on the horizon and the likes of Land Girls, Mad Men and the forthcoming (hopefully, if a terrestrial channel picks it up quick-smart) Boardwalk Empire we look like being spoilt for choice when it comes to televisual offerings. 2011-12 has the makings of a vintage year for TV, in more ways than one!


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