Monday, 31 May 2010

The driving force of British motorsport

The driving force of British motorsport

A wide-ranging article from the B.B.C. which serves as a nice reminder that Britain is still a world-leader in the field of motorsport, having been one of the founders of the sport. If you ever get the chance to visit the old Brooklands track (and this coming weekend's Double Twelve would be the perfect opportunity) I urge you to do so, for it is drenched in history and full of pioneering automobiles and racing memorabilia; well worth the trip.

Britain has a strong presence in every form of motorsport around the world. Not least in Formula 1, where we have produced the two most recent World Champions and have - as the article mentions - ¾ of all current F1 teams based in this country including some of the top runners. We even have competitive drivers in the likes of the American IndyCar formula.

Once again we see the British flair for engineering and innovation put to good use in an industry that is continually advancing and coming up with new ideas and inventions that will one day find their way on to the cars that the general public can buy. It is heartening to see that, even in these times of economic and supposedly environmental crises, the motorsport industry is riding out a rough patch, looking ahead and going from strength to strength.

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