Friday, 28 May 2010

Adventurer crosses English Channel using helium balloons

Adventurer crosses English Channel using helium balloons

This is just the kind of eccentric bit of fun that brings a smile to my face and so deserves its place on this blog. People have crossed the Channel in aeroplanes, in amphibious cars and on rocket-powered wings, so why not on a chair tied to a few dozen helium-filled balloons? I know what the fellow means when he talks about imagining floating away beneath a bunch of balloons - who hasn't dreamt of such a thing? - but top marks to him for making it a reality in such a memorable manner. It must have been a unique experience.

One also mustn't forget the dangers inherent in all forms of ballooning, which were no doubt magnified several-fold for this fellow, sitting precariously beneath all those balloons. On a small chair, at the mercy of the wind, suspended by dozens of balloons that could deflate or become untethered and land him in the drink; behind the humorous appearance there was much planning and scientific theory. But it's paid off handsomely and the fellow will be rightly remembered for his unusual way of crossing the Ditch. Well done that man!

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