Saturday, 1 May 2010

Spitfire flies to mark 25th restoration anniversary

Spitfire flies to mark 25th restoration anniversary

A well-known (in aviation circles, at least) airworthy Spitfire, the Mk. IX known as the "Grace Spitfire", celebrates an important milestone in its life in this report from the B.B.C. It is lovely to see one man's dream realised and to have such a delightful machine, an important part of our history, still able to be flown and enjoyed by a whole new generation. Even the sad fact that the original restorer is no longer with us is balanced by the fact that his memory and his hopes for this aircraft are honoured every time it takes to the air. A charming story of one family and one machine's journey together over a quarter of a century and beyond, not to mention the value of having such an aircraft still flying and kept so for many years to come.

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