Monday 17 May 2010

London's 'new Routemaster' design unveiled

London's 'new Routemaster' design unveiled
Since they were first announced in July 2008 I've been following with interest the plans for a new London bus design to replace the current crop of anodyne double-deckers and unloved bendy buses and pick up the mantle left by the iconic Routemaster.
The winning design has now been chosen and I am pleased to say I rather like it. Modern, forward-thinking, but with just the right amount of retro design cues and useful features from buses of old. The charmingly-curved "beetle back" is present, complete with an open platform so once again passengers can hop on off easily. There are in fact three sets of doors and two staircases, so access should not be a problem. A fuel-efficient hybrid drive train and a bright, airy interior complete the attractive picture. More detail here.
If all goes to plan the first of these new buses should be on the roads of London in time for the 2012 Olympics, giving us a new symbol for London and Great Britain in the 21st Century.

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