Thursday, 27 May 2010

Aircraft sets hypersonic record at six times the speed of sound

Another story of mankind's continued attempts to push the boundaries of known science and technology, this time with the successful testing of the Boeing X-51A scramjet. It might not look like much at the moment, but contained within that missile-like shell is the potential future of hypersonic flight. If you thought Concorde was fast at twice the speed of sound, try and imagine something three times as fast! London to Sydney in little more than 2 hours, for example. Of course this is only the first flight of the first of its kind and we're talking years, probably decades of development before any real practical use my be arrived at. But just to read about this successful test and to know that there are people out there tirelessly working to "push the envelope", to strive for further advancements in technology and ability, is thrilling stuff. It shows that there is still so much for us to achieve and discover and that once again the human imagination seemingly knows no bounds.

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