Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Queen most trusted public figure to fix a car - poll

This humorous story was one that fell into my inbox today and made me laugh out loud, and if it passes that test it will more often than not wind up on here.

The idea of Her Majesty as she is now, in overalls, lying on a wheeled dolly working underneath the Bentley state limousine is just too incongruous. Of course, Her Majesty did do a mechanics course during the war when she was Princess Elizabeth but I fancy, even if she were so inclined, that the modern motor car is a trifle more advanced than a 1940s Army lorry and would be a bit beyond Her Majesty's skills.

On another note, it is slightly worrying that 16% of the motoring population feel that Her Majesty is the best person available to fix their cars. Makes you wonder what else they think is best or normal in the world of driving...

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