Monday 30 November 2009

Tech Know: Flashback to the future

Tech Know: Flashback to the future

Well, after a few days of respite where not much of interest has happened that I feel is worthy of comment, along comes this from the B.B.C., detailing the wonderful æsthetic movement that is Steampunk. A splendid group of ladies and chaps all round, I'll warrant, and what fantastic creations, I think you'll agree! The perfect marriage of Victorian style and modern technology. Form and function. If only it could all look like this. To see more of the same, I recommend this fellow, whose creation you can see illustrated here, in addition to the links within the article itself. I admire anyone who takes the modern, anodyne designs that befoul our lives and put in so much effort to make them into works of art in their own right. Carry on!

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