Thursday 26 November 2009

1920s disaster movie restored

1920s disaster movie restored

In the 1920s you didn't have special effects, CGI and whatnot. So if you wanted a steam train crash as part of your moving picture, you got a steam train and arranged to have it derailed along a stretch of railway line. This is just what happens in the newly-restored British silent film, The Wrecker. Sixty-five years before a similar scene in The Fugitive, here we have an equally-spectacular train wreck captured on celluloid and a reminder that the British film industry was just as capable as Hollywood at the time.

Now - who is The Wrecker?! Where will he strike next? Can no-one stop this madman?! Your guess is as good as mine. The best way to find out would be to buy the DVD, and I think that is just what I shall do myself.

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