Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Peter Jackson says Tintin film is 'finished'

Peter Jackson says Tintin film is 'finished'

One of my favourite-ever comic book characters is Tintin. I have read, but sadly do not own, almost all of the original books and have the early '90s cartoon series on DVD. The kind of upstanding, decent and adventurous hero that any right-thinking child (or adult, come to that) would be proud to hold up as a role model. His longevity (recently celebrating his 80th birthday) means he can be enjoyed by children of all ages(!). He shows no signs of fading away, either, with the announcement last year of a trilogy of motion-capture films to be directed by Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg. So no great expectations, then! I have been following this latest development since its inception, and I am glad to see that the first film is "in the can" bar the actual motion-capture procedure. Can I and my fellow Tintin fans wait a further two years? Looks like we'll have to! It's going to be worth it, I feel sure!

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