Tuesday 7 August 2012

Norwich girls bring the history of style to life

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Norwich girls bring the history of style to life

Here's some vintage news featuring... can it be... isn't that...?  Yes, it's an article all about everyone's favourite vintage bloggers Retrochick, Missy Vintage and the Glamourologist - who together make up The Historical Sauces

Providing vintage hints and tips to the people of Norwich to help them look as good as they do, The Historical Sauces have made it to the attention of the Norwich Evening News.  Well done, girls!  Surely national newspaper coverage is but a step away(!).

I'm so glad to see the Sauces having such great success in Norwich, an area which is fast becoming a vintage hotspot.  (I wish I could say I've noticed this during my trips to Norwich to visit my dad's family but I seem to have missed it up 'til now - perhaps the result of remaining on the "hippy" outskirts!).  It is such an excellent endeavour - one that deserves to do well, as indeed it is.  They've had a nicely executed write-up in their local paper where they come over very well, which can only help their cause.  Congratulations all!


  1. Good for them! I wish them every success.

    Thanks for switching to my new blog, you currently are my one and only follower!

    Miss P xx

  2. How wonderful!!! Oh I need some friends like that...

  3. Stylish. Sure beats the garb so many wear today.

  4. Oh blush! Thanks you so much for this lovely mention, and the following comments. Balancing on those cobble stones in those heels was not easy let me tell you. Thank you again. Be sure to check the Vintage Norwich website for places to see on your next visit! For afternoon tea I can highly recomennd Biddys (Lower Goat Lane), and for fashion Antidote on Upper St.Giles is worth a visit too.

  5. Kinda hot actually :-) Just some yankee humor. Very nice ladies, keep it classy.


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