Sunday, 19 August 2012

Cards and a "Crash" of a birthday

Today was my 29th birthday, which means that my "roaring twenties" are drawing to a close (and, incidentally, that has already given me the idea for next year's theme when I plan to do a "Twenties to Thirties" party and so celebrate my two favourite decades of the 20th century too).

I'd love to be able to show you some presents but the truth is being that it fell on a Sunday this year my 29th was marked very quietly (I'd also been to a friend's wedding the day before, so the whole weekend has been a kind of double celebration) and as such I, um... haven't got anything yet(!).  Keep watching this space and some birthday gifts might start appearing later in the week.

A good sport!

In the meantime I can show you some cards from this (and past) birthday(s) that are notable for celebrating and encouraging not only birthdays but also individualism and gentlemanly qualities - something I seem to have noticed appearing on cards recently.  The wider availability of cards with such sentiments can only be a good thing, and I welcome them.

It's nice to know that in these times of e-cards and online stationers the traditional birthday card is still alive and well, with many a beautiful design and kind word to be found.  Even the younger (read: modern) members of the family know me well, with a classic car and old English pub on a sunny day just another example of a delightful, apposite subject matter - this one from my teenage niece. 

And for funny uncles everywhere, know that the tradition of being the "silly Uncle ..." is still upheld and that no matter how little the nieces or nephews may be they've got you just as well pegged as the rest of the family has, as this card from my other nieces goes to prove(!).  It's actually a few years old now but I still smile at it (and I know the sentiment still holds true, and after all I haven't changed!) and put it up every year.

In what may turn out to be more of a "birthday week" for me I hope to be back with some presents (and more cards) from more family meetings and outings, as well as the usual mix of vintage-inspired stories from around the world.  Speaking of "around the world" the next one's an absolutely top-hole item, which I hope to bring to you in the next couple of days.


  1. Happy Birthday! Oh my are only twenty-nine? I feel ancient.

    I too prefer the handwritten physical card or letter to the e-mail or e-card. It is so much more personal and shows that someone actually took some time over you instead of being an afterthought. :)

  2. Happy birthday to you! X

  3. Happy Birthday! I love well thought out cards. My favourite this year was one with retro photos of the area I grew up in... including the pub where I would drink as a teenager!

  4. I found your blog over from Joyness Sparkles! Glad I happened upon it in time for a Birthday wish too yet!! Some fun and interesting things you have here, I signed on as a follower to keep in touch! Happy belated birthday!


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