Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The winning World According To Art Deco Girl

As some of you probably remember, Brookise of The World According To Art Deco Girl was the lucky winner of the {deep breath} One Hundred and Fifty Followers Eclectic Ephemera Giveaway that I did last month.  It also happened to be her birthday on the 25th June, two days after she won the giveaway; a happily serendipitous touch if ever there was one.

As soon as Brooksie's name had been drawn by the Random Number Generator I set about packaging up all her prizes securely and getting the address labels printed up (the latter using a suitably old-fashioned - and free!- design from the WorldLabel blog and one of the many excellent vintage fonts from Better Fonts).  Then it was off to the Post Office to send them on their way - across the Atlantic Ocean (and most of the continental U.S.A.) to Brooksie's address in Portland, Oregon.

The prizes at their destination.  Photo courtesy of Brooksie.

Well, I'm delighted to be able to report that yesterday the majority of the prizes arrived safe and sound.  I say "majority" because I had to pack the reproduction newspapers separately, but I feel sure they will turn up in the next day or so.  Funny how two parcels sent to the same address at the same time can become separated, isn't it?

I'm so pleased that you got all your prizes delivered safely, Brooksie, and I'm glad to hear you're so pleased with them.  Congratulations again on being the winner and belated birthday wishes too!

Finally a huge "thank you" once again to all my Followers - all 160 of you now.  You make this blogging lark equal parts enjoyable, worthwhile and affirming and I sincerely hope that I can continue to produce content worthy of your interest and enjoyment.  I also look forward to welcoming more Followers (and new readers) as well as continuing to relish in all your wonderful blogs - and discover new ones - that make up the incredible vintage blogosphere.

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