Monday, 9 July 2012

All aboard the Coronation Scot - with Tintin and company!

Gosh, has it been really been a whole seven days?  How very remiss of me, but there has honestly been little of note to blog about - except the Chap Olympiad, of course, which I was unable to attend this year but which you can read all about on RetroChick's and Penny Dreadful's blogs (and probably by now a few others - there were hordes of 'em there, by the look of things!).  Next year, I promise you, just you wait!

I've got a couple of posts in Draft that are still waiting to be finished, but for the moment I thought I'd do a little filler about a couple of recent purchases that are of interest.

No, I haven't bought the Coronation Scot (I wish!), or even a ticket to see that famous locomotive (or even been lucky enough to get a ticket for any other famous train, unlike some others I could mention {shakes fists in mock outrage}).  I haven't engaged the services of Mr Tintin either (Tintin?  Mr Tintin?  Mr T. Tin? - what say you?).  What I have obtained, though, are probably the next best things.

Ever since I bought my Monopoly Nostalgia Edition a few years ago (have I mentioned that before?) - in fact earlier than that, from when I first started playing the British Towns card game that has been in the family for years - I've had a hankering for some old-fashioned board games and this has gone some way towards satisfying that craving.  It's the Coronation Scot Railway Game!

Coronation Scot Railway Game, £3 (from £6) + postage, at Past Times

When I first set my eyes on this little game on the Past Times website a year or so back I knew it would only be a matter of time before an example would find a home in Partington-Plans Towers and a happy set of circumstances conspired to allow just that two weekends ago. 

The first circumstance is quite obvious - it's currently half price!  That alone nearly convinced me to take the plunge were it not for the fact that Past Times' postage & packing fee of £3.50 would have negated the saving.  But what was this in my Inbox?!  A special one-day-only offer code for free p&P - AND an extra 20% off everything in the shop?!  Apparently a special thank-you for being a previous customer (although I've bought a few things in person at my local branch several times I can't for the life of me remember ever buying anything online before, but I wasn't about to complain!) - what luck!  So with a whopping 70% off and no postage to pay this wonderful piece of fun came to me for the bargainous sum of £2.55.

A bargain indeed, with four real wooden pieces, dice and shaker plus a proper fold-out board such as one might find on games costing 3 times as much.  Very often a cheap-and-cheerful board game has to make do with nothing more than a piece of reinforced cardboard for a playing surface and plastic markers, but not this one.  Perhaps they really don't make 'em like they used to - top marks to the manufacturers, Ecotronic, for sticking to such a faithful reproduction.  Now that I can look at it closely first hand, I can honestly say that if I'd paid the full price and postage I still would have been happy.

As you can probably tell I'm very pleased with this modest piece of railway fun and am now looking forward to trying this out in a game with someone (any takers?).  In the longer term I've already got my eye on its sister title Touring England but for the time being - all aboard the Coronation Scot!

Turning to Tintin, my post three years ago(!) detailing the then just-completed motion capture film that would become The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (and the one a year later showing the first images) is still even now one of the most popular on this blog and I have been a bad blogger for not having followed it up - particularly as I went and saw it at the cinema and as Messrs Jackson and Spielberg must surely be well into the second film by now!  The least I owe you all is some sort of review and I will see about doing just that, as I have just today bought the DVD.  The special 2 Disc Edition - I always try and buy the 2-disc edition of a film, even though I don't always watch anything on the second disc I just like to get my money's worth and at least I know I have the extras if I ever do want to watch them! - "Exclusive to Sainsbury's", apparently, and "Available for a Limited Time".  We may scoff, but a quick look on Amazon and elsewhere proves the truth in this statement - no sign of a 2-disc special edition anywhere.  The same price as the standard single-disc version sitting right next to it on the same shelf, too, so how could I not?  I must admit Sainsbury's have been doing very well recently to match, or even better, the prices of online retailers - so top marks to them (those who know me well would say that I'd give top marks to Sainsbury's on most things, but we're not here to discuss my grocery preferences!).

Already I'm imagining a Tintin adventure on the Coronation Scot, so I shall away now to watch the film and [eventually] strong-arm a family member into playing the Railway Game.  Hopefully news will pick up in the week ahead, but I will return at some point with the promised review at any rate.



  1. We just saw TinTin last week at the theater! We loved it and will be adding it to our collection. I was sad that the original stories were more like comics, I was hoping for novels as I prefer my boys spend less time with comics and more time with literature. However, if they are making a second film, you can bet your bottom dollar that we will be exciting to go and see that too!

    1. How about that?! I suppose Tintin isn't as well known in the USA as he is in Europe, then?

      I can understand your preference for literature, but I would say that Tintin is more than just a comic - there are complex relationships, detailed plots, symbolism and subtext. More than that, though, it invariably features true friendship, courage, fairness and morality. I'd say Tintin was a positive influence while I was growing up, and I can think of few better "literary" role models.

      Spielberg and Jackson are not just making a second film, but a trilogy so a third one as well! The next one should be out in 2 or 3 years, so I hear.

    2. Plus, there were two cartoon TV series of the Tintin stories - Herge's Adventures of Tintin and The Adventures of Tintin - which are worth checking out.

  2. That board game looks fantastic! I don't care what the aim of the game is, it involves old fashioned trains, and that's enough for me. I almost bought Touring Britain a while ago too. They had it at the Imperial War Museum, and I got rather over-excited just looking at the box. But I was technically at the museum on work duties and thought it might be unprofessional to walk out with a board game...? I should go back for it some time though.

  3. I loved Tintin (Go Snowy always my favourite character from the books!)

    I have a special edition set of Monopoly too but mine is the Snoopy one, as a big Peanuts fan I was thrilled when I heard such a thing existed and even more so when I finally tracked a set down. Each to their own I suppose!

  4. I love this class of train, so classy! X

  5. Wow, great bargain on the game front.

    What a beautiful train it was. I love seeing steam trains puff past my office, I wish that one would come by!

  6. Ooh, I think I'm going to have to get that board game - I can reccomend the Touring England game, but not at that price (I paid £2 on eBay), it's not as thrilling as Coronation Scot I imagine, but it fills a wet Sunday afternoon


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