Wednesday 14 March 2012

Atalanta sports car revived after a gap of 75 years

Atalanta sports car revived after a gap of 75 years

Following the relaunched 1936 Alvis 4.3-litre that featured on this blog back in 2010, my hope that others would take up the idea has been realised with this latest news that little-known pre-war British sports car manufacturer Atalanta is to make a return with an update of one of their original models - the 1937 Sports Tourer.

Like the Alvis the Atalanta appears to be externally exactly the same as its forebear, retaining its period design and high quality hand-built coach lines.  Beneath the skin, however, will sit many modern safety advancements, mechanical efficiencies and up-to-date technology; once again the best of the 1930s meets the best of 2012.

This "new" Atalanta, coming so soon after the revived Alvis, is not only another fine example of British entrepreneurship but also a great testament to classic automotive design.  It is wonderful too to see that others share my (our) wish to see the best of both worlds and more importantly that they are in a position to make it happen.

Although I am sadly not in the position to take advantage of these cars I very much welcome them and while their exclusive nature will not make them a common sight on our roads (the fleets of "modern" 1930s cars I envision will just have to wait, I suppose!) any such car is a good car in my opinion and hopefully they will encourage others to try their luck.  Those roads full of Alvis, Atalantas and others may happen yet!  In the meantime I am pleased to see another marque joining the ranks and wish Atalanta every success with their "new" Sports Tourer.


  1. Hello Bruce:
    We have come across your wonderfully eclectic [true to the title] blog via that of A Super Dilittante and have signed ourselves as Followers in order not to miss out on future posts.

    What absolutely splendid motor cars these are and it is so encouraging to think that there is a revival of interest in an age of motoring when style, rather than modern practicality, was the order of the day. There is such fun to be had in these open top tourers.

    As children in the immediate post war period, growing up in the 1950s we, rather like you, are drawn to an earlier era and very much favour the 1920s and 1930s, filling our Brighton and Budapest homes with much ephemera from those times some of which is, occasionally, featured on our own blog.

    We shall much look forward to your future posts.

    1. Hello both! Thank you very much for the comment and for following - you are most welcome. Yours is a splendid blog and I have happily reciprocated as a Follower. I look forward to reading more of it in the future.

      Let us hope it is a future full of open tourers and stylish motoring, as you say!

  2. Bruce, what beautiful automobiles! You always seem to have something to brighten up an otherwise gray and dreary day. Thank you.

  3. Wouldn't it be great to see these lovely cars driving around on our roads! X

  4. Wonderful cars. I agree with Paperdoll, it would be great to see these cars on the roads.

  5. Wow, imagine driving one of those to work and back. Truly fabulous.


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