Saturday, 24 March 2012

Trust launched to preserve historic buses

A 1930 Albion PMA28, now part of FirstGroup's heritage fleet

FirstGroup creates trust for historic buses

FirstGroup happens to be my local bus service provider and they're not in my good books at the moment (although that's a rant for another time and place) so the news that they are going to set up a trust for vintage buses that once served as part of their (or their predecessors') fleet has gone some way towards improving my opinion of them.

It is good to see a bus company taking an interest in its heritage and hopefully this new trust will be able to work in conjunction with local transport museums, possibly providing displays on a rotated basis and maybe even assisting the many volunteers who work tirelessly to keep these old buses on the road. 

Trust launched to preserve historic buses

I'm sure there is much scope for expanding this project and although it is currently confined to First's Aberdeen headquarters it is planned to roll out across the company's network and I could easily see it proving very popular and useful in my neck of the woods (and elsewhere).  Anything that helps to preserve these classic vehicles is welcome and I'm pleased to see First taking such an active part in seeking out and restoring historic buses.

Hopefully we shall all see the fruits of these labours at nearby museums and rallies but in the meantime this is a promising start to a worthy scheme, which I hope meets with much success.

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