Thursday 20 October 2011

1930 Model A Ford Wraps a Year on the Road

Image courtesy of Autoblog/Zach Bowman
1930 Model A Ford Wraps a Year on the Road

Speaking of keeping vintage machinery running, here's a chap who took that to heart and then some!  A true enthusiast, Mr Jonathan Klinger has been running his Model A Ford for a whole year; proof, if proof were needed, that these cars can and should be used on a regular basis.  And aside from a few mechanical hiccoughs that were perhaps to be expected in an 81-year-old car it has performed well in all weathers, taking whatever was thrown at it in its stride - be that a 270-mile journey to Detroit or driving to a friend's in a snowstorm.

Mr Klinger has also discovered the joys of a more relaxed, simple motoring attitude, avoiding major roads and visiting small independent roadside eateries instead of garish chains - much like the first owner of the car would have done.

All-in-all a jolly good episode of the kind of thing I favour.  Well done to Mr Klinger, and I hope he continues to enjoy motoring in his durable Model A.


  1. Lovely to read about this gentleman and his automobile. Thanks!

  2. It's such a shame when these beautiful cars just live as museum pieces and don't see daylight, well done that man!

    p.s. Have you seen the Fair Isle waistcoats at Darcy Clothing????


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