Friday, 3 December 2010

I must be doing something right...

...because I've just received another blog award, once again from generous Jenny over at The Life and Times of a Vintage Obsessive. Aren't I Mr Popular all of a sudden?! Thank you Jenny!

I'm flattered to receive a second award so soon after the first and any lingering doubts I may have had that this blog was for my benefit alone - in that it saves me from drowning in a sea of newspaper cuttings like some cranky old man - have been well and truly dispelled. Thank you all for your continued interest; I love reading your comments and seeing which posts are popular - so keep 'em coming!

Same deal with this award as with the last one - acknowledge the bestower, post the award on your blog, then pass it on to 15 fellow bloggers. As I mentioned previously, I had a struggle finding 15 blogs to pass the previous award on to (not through lack of talent, I hasten to add) so this time I'll have no chance unless I repeat myself. Many awarders have the same problem, though, so the of selecting fewer than 15 blogs is commonplace. I have therefore chosen 5 new and fairly disparate blogs that I enjoy following:

Crinoline Robot


The Vintage Knitter

This Old Life

Webomator Blog

Congratulations, thanks and have a great weekend everybody! Tinkerty-tonk!


  1. Thank you for the blog award, Bruce. Duly blogged about and passed onto some deserving fellow bloggers.


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