Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Decking the halls

Around the second week of December was when my family usually brought out the Christmas tree and decorations and it's a tradition that I've continued in my own home. So today was the day earmarked for getting out the decs and my little artificial tree.

The tree itself was actually left behind by the previous occupant of my flat and is just the right size for the living room, not to mention surprisingly sturdy and realistic. So right from the get-go I had the most important decoration all buttoned up, with no need to worry about getting another every year and spending all of Christmas vacuuming up dropped needles, plus there was some decent tinsel included as well.

The rest of the decorations were almost all purchased a few years ago from the once great and much-missed high street emporium that was Woolworths. They were doing a 3 for 2 offer on all decorations in the run-up to Christmas, as I recall, so I was able to amass 24 red and gold baubles (turns out the tree is only really big enough to take half that number, but it's always good to have spares!) 3 of these lovely gold reindeer bell rings (proper jingly ones too!) and three stars including the main one for the top of the tree, all for about £10. Oh Woolies, whyfor did you have to go bankrupt?! ;-(

Around the same time Past Times were doing a similar offer, so I was able to get a set of three Victorian-style candles, this wonderfully traditional Father Christmas and his sleigh, plus this delightful glass fairy.

Perhaps unsurprisingly I'm a sucker for an old-fashioned Christmas tree of red and gold, so I was lucky to find all these items in those colours. I never tire of that combination and I like to think that, with my limited means, I've managed to create a pretty decent looking Christmas tree. Not bad for a chap, eh?

All set for the festivities to begin now, methinks!


  1. Not bad for a chap, indeed! Yes, Woolworths is sadly missed. Ours is now a 99p shop, but still retains the large Art Deco style doors I can remember from childhood, so I take comfort from that.

  2. Not bad indeed! I hope you get lots of nice presents to go under it.

  3. Very festive indeed, I'll have to go and find my tree tomorrow - Very exciting, isn't it?
    To be honest, I didn't realise that a chap could work out how to put up a Christmas tree, certainly never happens in my family! Bravo Bruce!

  4. wow a 99p shop with art deco doors, sounds far more impresive that the norwich one!

    v.impressed with the tree. You bloogers are making me feel like scrooge, as mine isn't up yet! although the box is sitting in the hallway and has been for the last 3 days so I am one step closer!


  5. Red and Gold is the way forward, my friend. Tres decent treeage!

  6. Woohoo, not long now to a happy chrimbo-
    Lovely tree- we always have a fake-un too… lot less hassle!
    Our tree isn’t up yet, as I haven’t tidied (grrr) but it will be up by the weekend!

  7. Oh well done, sir! Your tree looks amazing. You've convinced me that red and gold is the way to go this holiday!

  8. Fabulous tree, Bruce. Ours is a very small silver affair with far too many baubles and no colour theme (sorry!) topped off with a white fluffy star (from Woolies, no less).

    Found you via the Vintage Knitter and so glad I did! Love your blog.

    Btw, love the 1940s Fashion source book you found at the library sale. Would have loved to have seen some of the pics inside.

  9. Hello Loo, and welcome. You have the distinction of being my 50th follower! Congratulations and thanks for the lovely comments (that goes for everyone!). I'm sure your tree looks fine. :-)

    I actually did have an idea about an irregular series of posts using images from that '40s fashion book. I shall have to investigate the possibility of it further!


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