Thursday, 18 February 2010

Why the ukulele is enjoying a comeback

Why the ukulele is enjoying a comeback

The oft-maligned ukulele is sometimes seen as a rather limited instrument, occupying a small musical niche all of its own. This video of the increasingly-popular Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and the accompanying B.B.C. article should go some way to overturn that particular theory and prove that the humble uke deserves its place in the wider world of entertainment. Yet it is also an instrument that, as the B.B.C. piece suggests, anyone can learn to play. Why, even I might have a go!

Not only is the ukulele a much more versatile piece of kit than it is given credit for, it is also produces and extremely uplifting sound. Indeed, studies have shown that learning to play the ukulele is effective in combatting the symptoms of depression. What better reason could there be for learning to play the ukulele than to brighten your day with some jolly, yet easily learnt, strumming music? Isn't it grand?!

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