Thursday, 25 February 2010

RAF Lyneham's Vulcan Cold War bomber is saved

RAF Lyneham's Vulcan Cold War bomber is saved

I wrote recently about the Avro Vulcan bomber and in particular XH558, the last airworthy example. There has been much concern in aeronautical circles recently that a lack of funding for the volunteer trust would lead to it being grounded indefinitely but I am overjoyed to see that a supremely generous philanthropist has stepped into the breach and donated the money necessary to keep this amazing machine flying. Well done to you sir, whoever you may be!

It is important that these fantastic technological achievements are kept functioning and not just relegated to the corner of a dusty museum. They are so much more exciting when seen doing what they were designed to do, rather than sitting impotently on an airfield apron. A whole new generation of pilots, engineers and designers can now be inspired to create and fly ever more wondrous machinery, should they ever be lucky enough to see this incredible machine in the air.

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