Saturday 16 May 2020

Back sooner than expected

I bet you didn't expect to hear from me again so soon after my last post (if anyone is still paying any attention to my witterings on here)!

Unfortunately my planned surgery yesterday was cancelled as some of my blood tests came back looking a bit wonky ("deranged" was the word the surgeons actually used - charming!), which would have made it too dangerous to proceed.  So more doctors, tests etc. as they try to get the levels back down and then we try again - hopefully not too long away!

In the meantime I leave you with an aptly-titled Gershwin number performed by Michael Law & The Piccadilly Dance Orchestra, whose music I have been very much enjoying of late.  My scheduled posts will still be going ahead as, erm, scheduled and I look forward to adding to them over the coming weeks as I continue to biff around the blogosphere.


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