Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Coming Soon...

I'm delighted, thrilled and slightly overwhelmed (literally) today to have a series of interesting news items come along like buses, an avalanche of exciting happenings that hasn't occurred on this blog for some time.  I may end up doing two posts a day, just like the early days of Eclectic Ephemera!

Rather than use up space in another post I have instead decided to write this quick individual one by way of a "teaser" (all the rage these days!).  Therefore get ready to read, in the next few days, the kind of stories this blog was made for, including:

  • 21st century steam locomotives!
  • 1930s Bugatti racing 'planes!
  • Gershwin, Whiteman, Giordano and all that jazz!
  • George Bernard Shaw
  • and a 100-year-old Parisian diary.

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