Sunday 2 June 2013

Replica Victorian carriage makes debut on Snowdon Mountain Railway

Replica Victorian carriage makes debut on Snowdon Mountain Railway

From New York subways to Welsh mountain railways now, in what is fast becoming a rail-themed weekend here at Eclectic Ephemera.

While Lily the Heritage Carriage may look several decades older than the New York Transit Authority's 1930s stock, its main body is in fact brand new - only recently completed by a group of highly-skilled workers who have pulled out all the stops to ensure a truly accurate replica of a carriage that would have travelled along the picturesque Snowdon Mountain Railway back in the 1890s.  That it is mounted on an original 1920s chassis is, as the accompanying report says, a splendid amalgamation of old and new.

Looking every inch the true Victorian carriage, with details to die for all beautifully crafted by expert engineers, Lily is now ready to take passengers on the equally beautiful journey to the top of Wales' highest mountain.  It certainly looks absolutely glorious and one can just imagine the same trip being undertaken 120 years ago, although the idea of there originally being no windows is less appealing! 

Congratulations to Snowdon Mountain Railway and their associates in getting this wonderful carriage designed, built and running on the line.  The beauty of the Welsh mountains, which I can certainly attest to having been there myself, has only been enhanced with the introduction of this 19th century replica and I hope one day to return to Snowdonia and experience a trip up the mountain in it myself.

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  1. What a wonderful thing to work on, adding your bit to history so to speak.


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