Monday 1 October 2012

Mon-dandy amusement

A couple of weeks ago Jessica over at Chronically Vintage did a post that featured the seemingly highly diverting online tool, the Deluxe Pin Up Maker, producing a pretty caricature of herself.  Then on Friday just gone Porcelina, inspired by the same post, created her own pin-up persona using the same site.

Always quick to spot an emerging trend (!), it occurred to me that there should be something similar for us chaps (and that if there wasn't, there blasted well ought to be!).  As it happens someone did indeed have the same idea for the gentlemen, in the form of the Dandy Maker.  Not wishing to feel left out and with the thought of addressing the balance for the boys, I immediately took it upon myself to create a dandy in... something approaching my own image (within the constraints of the configurator, at any rate).

This is the result:

Hat - check. 
Glasses - close enough.
Features - a damn sight more handsome than in real life.
Collar - should be turned down, of course.  What am I, some sort of scruff?!
Bow tie - quite right.
Waistcoat - aye, although I fancied a contrasting rather than matching blue - he is still a dandy, after all!
Jacket & trousers - spot on.
Shoes - I wish!  Co-respondents/spectators are on the list, of course...
Cane - hand looked a bit unnatural without anything in it, and I don't smoke.  Do have a walking stick, though.

There we have it, then.  It is possible to go overboard with the dandification of the model, something which I will probably spend a few idle minutes doing at some point again in the future, but it's all good fun for the odd quiet moment and quite variable considering the limits imposed.  Thanks to Jessica and Miss P for highlighting this jolly little feature - and who else will create a dandy or a pin-up, I wonder?


  1. You sweet gentleman, you, thank you very much for mentioning my pinup doll generator post. I'd not yet encountered the dashing chap version, but love it every bit as much and am off to go make one of these fine fellow myself this very moment!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I created my pin up a couple of months ago, it was fun! I could share mine on my blog but I do not want to seem like a copy cat.

  3. Also I will add that yours looks quite dashing!

  4. This is the third time I've tried to leave a comment, internet keeps crashing!!

    I love this Dandy version of you and will get my other half to do one too. Thanks for mentioning my post also!

    Am getting Poirot withdrawal symptoms at the moment, haven't seen any for a while and no longer have a stash of DVDs on loan - I think I'll have to get the complete boxset for Christmas...

    Porcelina xx


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