Thursday 7 June 2012

Sound the fanfare, it's giveaway time!

I know I promised a giveaway months (if not years!) ago when I reached 100 followers.  I've been a very naughty and remiss blogger not to have got around to it until now but as they say, better late than never!  So with apologies for the delay, I hereby present the One Hundred and Fifty Followers Eclectic Ephemera Giveaway (or the Fifty Followers Later Giveaway, or the One Hundred and Fifty-Five Followers And Counting Giveaway!).  Actually I don't know about you but I felt obliged to wait a little while until I was safely past the 150 followers mark, as I've had the odd incident of losing a follower or two in the past (please, don't leave me - I value you all!!) and I didn't want this to turn into the "Oops, One Hundred and Forty-Eight Followers Giveaway! ;)

Anyway, moving on.  Entry couldn't be simpler.  I don't have a Twitter account, so you don't have to tweet anything.  I don't have a Farcebook account, so you don't have to "Like" or link anything.  All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to be a Follower (and remain one after this giveaway is over! ;) ) - either through Google Friend Connect or BlogLovin' - and leave a comment below.  Do this, and you may be the lucky recipient of the following splendid items:

  • Two A1-size reproduction film posters of the 1942 Humphrey Bogart classic Casablanca and Alfred Hitchcock's seminal 1959 movie starring Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint - North By Northwest.  The reverse of the posters also feature interesting facts and trivia about the productions.  (Please note these came to me folded so do have crease lines.  They should iron out, though, and the posters are otherwise tidy.);
  • A selection of 6 facsimiles of The Daily Mirror newspaper from important dates in history, all contained in a handy plastic case.  Newspapers are from:  16th April 1912 (Sinking of the Titanic), 8th May 1945 (VE Day), 23rd November 1963 (assassination of President Kennedy), 31st July 1966 (England's winning of the World Cup), 21st July 1969 (the Apollo 11 moon landing) and 12th September 2001 (the 9/11 attacks);
  • A copy of Oscar Wilde: A Selection of Stories and Plays.  A nice, thick little tome which includes The Picture of Dorian Gray, Lord Arthur Savile's Crime, The Canterville Ghost, The Sphinx Without a Secret, The Model Millionaire, The Importance of Being Earnest, Lady Windermere's Fan, A Woman of No Importance, An Ideal Husband, Salomé, The Duchess of Padua, Vera, or The Nihilists and A Florentine Tragedy;
  • The pièce de résistance - a copy of the 1954 James Stewart-June Allyson film The Glenn Miller Story on DVD!  Featuring all the classic Glenn Miller songs (played by the original Glenn Miller Band) including In The Mood, Chattanooga Choo-Choo, Pennsylvania 6-5000 and A String of Pearls.  Plus, of course, the marvellous Jimmy Stewart and the lovely June Allyson!  (Please note that this is a Region 2 and 4 DVD and will only play on a Region 2 or 4, multi-region or decoded DVD player). 

All this could be yours!

    The giveaway will remain open until - what shall we say? - Friday 22nd June.  There, two weeks ought to be enough, don't you think?  The winner will be announced on the Saturday (23rd).  Good luck everyone, and thanks for following!


      1. Hello Bruce:
        Well, the giveaway may have been a long time in coming, but our excitement knows no bounds at the thought of these wonderful goodies which we might just be lucky enough to win.

        Truly, a cornucopia of eclectic ephemera, perfect for creating a vintage atmosphere in the comfort of one's own home. Please count us in. The Martini is on ice ready to celebrate or drown our sorrows!!!!

      2. At last, I've been waiting and watching for this - The giveaway of the century :) Congratulations on your 155 followers, and here's to 155 more xx

        1. The giveaway that took a century, more like!

          Thanks, Jennie! :)

      3. Cool giveaway! Congrats on hitting 150+! X

      4. Very nice things you are giving away there Bruce! Please enter me in your contest.

      5. Me, me, me, me, me, pick me :-) Great goodies indeed. I too, like the Hattatts, have a gin and tonic to hand to either celebrate or commiserate, either way, gin works!

      6. The Glenn Miller Story on DVD? Bruce, I am a married woman, you cannot try to seduce me in such a way. Shame on you.

        This giveaway is very exciting! You have quite excellent taste and anyone that would not want to continue to follow your blog, well let's just say they may not have very good wits about them. :)

      7. I would like to enter the giveaway, Bruce. Congratulations on breaking through the 150 follower mark.

      8. Wow, what a marvellous giveaway! Well worth becoming your 156th follower for!

      9. Wowsers! What a great giveaway and a huge congratulations on reaching 150! You know already that I'm a huge fan, but I have to say that my husband has also read you blog through my recommendation.I'd love to be entered please.:O)I've a massive crush on Carey Grant.


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