Monday, 26 September 2011

Tornado steam locomotive sets new record

Tornado steam locomotive sets new record

From pedal power to steam power now, and guaranteed to get to Scotland far quicker than any penny-farthing could, Tornado the modern-build steam engine has further added to its laurels.

Striking a blow for the steam locomotive in what must be a great vindication for its creators, 60163 Tornado proves that it has what it takes to go the distance (literally!) and easily overcome the two of the most difficult railway gradients in the British Isles during this record-breaking inaugural trip to Glasgow.  Not to mention weather that, as you can see, while as typically British as the scenery would be a challenge to any train.

There it once again captured the hearts and minds of all who saw her, bringing back happy memories for many and providing everyone involved with a marvellous experience.

I have a distinct feeling that this will not be the last 40-year old steam engine record that the mighty Tornado will break and I for one look forward to reading of its next great achievement.  Well done, chaps!

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