Thursday 15 September 2011

Documentary showcases woman pilots of the 1920s

Documentary showcases woman pilots of the 1920s

Proving that anything men can do women can do equally as well, if not better, this second aviation story of the week focuses on the pioneer aviatrices of the United States.

Ruth Nicols
In an amazing story that risked being lost in the mists of time, this new documentary looks at the 20 women including Amelia Earhart who undertook a nine-day flight across continental America in 1929, in what was the first all-female cross-country air race.

The accompanying article gives us a delightful taste of what went on during those 9 days and seventeen stop-overs and the details of this new documentary certainly sounds fascinating - a pity then that it looks to be confined to the US/Region 1 for it covers what was indeed a pivotal moment in the aviation history not of America but also the wider world and so really deserves a wider audience.  If it wasn't for this film producer stumbling across the story it might have remained untold for another 80 years!

As it is the story of this event has been saved for another generation, and for us to marvel at the sheer guts and determination of these early aviatrices - particularly in the face of attitudes to women at that time.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! Rather interesting, and as it turns out I was just writing a paragraph or two about female aviators in a book I am editing about aviation and the interwar years in Britain. A fascinating slice of history!


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