Friday 25 March 2011

Twittering on

You may notice at the end of this and, now, all other blog posts the presence of a "share" button with a few options to pick from to aid in the dissemination of my writings.  (Although quite why anyone would choose to forward on my ramblings is beyond me!).

The omission of this function was kindly brought to my attention by the Idle Historian in my previous post and it struck me as odd, as I was sure I had the facility enabled.  After a quick rummage around in the æther, I've managed to reactive said button (I think Blogger and its templates were to blame, or something; anyway, it wouldn't have happened with a typewriter!) so if you're on the likes of Twitter or Farcebook it should now be easier for you pass on anything you see here, if you so wish.  Personally I'm involved in neither of those places; it's enough that I've got this blog what with my Ludditism!  Still, it gives me the opportunity to include the above little ditty, ably helped along by Mr Bertie Wooster, which I feel could easily be applied to a certain modern-day social network...

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  1. Excellent work and thank you most kindly for the mention! Even more fantastically, Jeeves & Wooster is most definitely one of my "favourite things."


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