Thursday 10 March 2011

Bitter Lemon, or: The Revenge of Captain Hastings

In common with almost every other vintage blogger I am, of course, a huge fan of the Poirot TV series.  Got the DVD box set; love the stories, the acting, the settings and, naturally, the fashions.

Now, I know that if I go on reading the blogs of lovely vintage ladies I'm going to come across posts about women's fashion in the Poirot series.  Quite often in fact, it seems.  In particular the fashion of a certain female character - Miss Felicity Lemon, M. Poirot's efficient secretary.

Image courtesy of Flickr

Of course I thoroughly enjoy these dissections of various episodes and the clothes featured therein, even if they come from a feminine point of view (and of course girls will quite rightly focus on the women's fashion).  I am, after all, a reasonable man(!).  But, I am a man and with the best will in the world a red wool jumper with a giant white bow on the front, while very pretty on the right person, is of absolutely no use to me whatsoever. ;-)  Therefore, spurred on by the recent glut of Poirot/Miss Lemon posts pervading the blogosphere, I intend to start my own Poirot-fashion series to counter this perceived Miss Lemon bias. 

Between Poirot's foppish fastidiousness and Inspector Japp's plain, rank-and-file look there lies the well-dressed man, the perfect male foil for Miss Lemon(!), on whom I will focus my attention - one Captain Arthur Hastings, OBE (Hugh Fraser).

So be warned, ladies, as much as I love and look forward to your bloggings - Poirot-based or not - the next time I come across a Miss Lemon-heavy post I will not hesitate to respond with a Captain Hastings one of my own. 



  1. He is rather a dish isn't he. Though I do like Poirot's 'tussy mussy' lapel vase.

  2. This is a brilliant fashion post. Please do forge ahead with dissections of MENSWEAR! there is not enough of it in the blogosphere!

  3. I rather like men’s fashions of the era and often comment on CH's attire. I’m forever teasing my dad about all his lovely clothes- we are rather envious when he dons a snappy Fair Isle or half belted sports jacket! So I shall look forward to your posts!!! T x

  4. I thoroughly agree there should be more vintage menswear blogging, and Capt Hastings certainly deserves his place in the the sartorial spotlight!

  5. He is just so like my Dad in his mannerisms it's mad, especially when he goes 'What?' all vague and confused.

  6. I can't decide between Hastings and Bertie Wooster...... Just have to watch Foyle instead!!!! (or maybe a Cary Grant film???? Decisions, decisions!!!


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