Friday, 1 October 2010

Roaring back to relive glamour of the Forties

Roaring back to relive glamour of the Forties

A welcome bit of local news here, which has helped to reassure me that Essex is not the vintage cultural wasteland that I feared it was.

A 1940s-style tea dance sounds absolutely spiffing and the fact that they are springing up in places like Southend goes to prove their increasing popularity. Congratulations must be proffered to the organisers for helping to create and run such events as these and the venue in this case appears most interesting and appropriate to the occasion. I'm sure it all adds to the ambiance and enjoyment of the day plus it probably benefits the place where it's being held as well.

This is definitely something I shall be keeping an eye on with a view to attending some time in the future. It is heartening to see things like this going on locally (not to mention other events nationally, and even internationally), with the obvious time and effort put in by those running it and providing the various experiences and classes showing the dedication and passion (not to mention enjoyment!) that is so prevalent on the vintage scene. That it has proved so popular is a testament to the attraction and fun that can be had at these kind of entertainments.

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