Thursday 7 October 2010

Bowler hat makes a comeback

Bowler hat makes a comeback

Some great fashion news now, as the gentlemanly bowler hat makes a welcome return to high street emporia.

Like so much headgear the bowler hat has all but vanished from the heads of men engaged in day-to-day business but, thanks to a new generation taking an interest in good old-fashioned styles - backed up by celebrity endorsement - it may soon become a popular hat again. I only hope it doesn't get hijacked by misguided fashionistas trying to create some bizarre, "kewl" mish-mash look. Bowler-hatted city gents - that's another matter, and would certainly bring back some much-needed panache and bearing to the financial market(!).

This pleasantly surprising news, coupled with more and more appearances of other hat styles, such as trilbies, in public and the media provides a glimmer of hope that the hat will soon regain its popularity with the masses.

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