Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The world's most beautiful coins

The world's most beautiful coins

A pleasing little montage from the Daily Telegraph of various coinage from around the world. Once again we find that beauty is subjective; personally I only find a few of those selected to be beautiful (for the record they are images 9 [Czech 50k], 11 [Mexican 100 peso], 13 [NZ$1], 15 [CH 2F], 16 [¥500] and 17 [Polish 5zl]. Doubtless you will also have your favourites, either from amongst those featured, your own collection if you are a numismatist like myself, or maybe just from the odd bit of currency brought back from a foreign holiday. I'd be interested to hear your suggestions. Having looked through my own collection I was saddened to note the lack of beautiful designs in current overseas coinage. In particular I was disheartened to see so many pretty European designs from several years ago - the Spanish peseta, the Maltese lira and the Finnish markka amongst others - which have since been lost when the Euro was introduced. Some of my current favourites from the rest of the world include:

The Canadian 10¢ (or dime), featuring the schooner Bluenose;

The Argentine peso;

The Colombian 500 pesos.

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