Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Record-breaking steam locomotive visits County Durham

Record-breaking steam locomotive visits County Durham

Well I've been away for a little longer than I planned, but I have now returned as promised! Without further ado I shall get up some steam (!) with the first of a few interesting articles to have cropped up in my enforced absence.

It is rather fitting, I think, that the first new steam engine to be built in Britain for 50 years has helped to bring the record-breaking Mallard to a national museum where it will be cleaned and looked after for the enjoyment and education of the public. That there is still such an interest in steam locomotives is heartening and the Mallard is quite rightly the most famous (not to mention fastest) of its kind. With Tornado essentially being a "new build" and museums such as the National Railway Museum, not to mention the many heritage railways up and down the country, the preservation and continuation of steam trains for future generations looks assured.

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