Monday 19 April 2010

Agatha Christie mystery gets 21st Century debut

Agatha Christie mystery gets 21st Century debut

Things have been a little quiet on the interesting story front lately, no doubt partly because of the election fever that is gripping the country. Quirky stories get edged out by reams of political news and debate.

Nevertheless I have managed to unearth this interesting piece about a play based on a book by one of my favourite authors - Agatha Christie. What makes this particular play rather interesting is the fact that it hasn't been performed in over 30 years and has helped to save an hitherto little-known Christie work. I've given away too much of the article already - I'm terrible at keeping things to myself! I'll let you read more about it in the accompanying story.

It is good to see the theatre enjoying some good times and particularly plays from Christie novels still being enjoyed by and commissioned for modern audiences. More wonderful 1930s settings, hurrah! I wonder if it will be touring...?

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