Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Snow tips North East Air Museum's Vulcan bomber skyward

Snow tips North East Air Museum's Vulcan bomber skyward

The perils of parking a delta-winged aeroplane outside in the snow are made apparent in this amusing little piece. It serves as an interesting reminder as to just how heavy snow can be in large quantities, that there was enough of it to cause this 83,500lb bomber to tilt upwards. With luck this particular example will have sustained no lasting damage; the real danger, as mentioned, is when the snow melts and it returns to its normal position. They look to have it well in hand, though, and I'm sure everything is tickety-boo now.

A fantastic aircraft, the Vulcan, and I was lucky enough to see one flying as a child (there is now only one airworthy example - XH558 - probably the same one I saw all those years ago, as it was the sole flying display aircraft until 1993. Mothballed after this date, it only returned to the skies in 2007 courtesy of the Vulcan To The Sky Trust). My abiding memories of it were the way it seemed to block out the sky and the almighty noise it made! I can still remember my chest seemingly vibrating as it flew over us. An iconic machine.

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