Friday, 8 January 2010

Liberty Head 1913 nickel sells for £2.3m

Liberty Head 1913 nickel sells for £2.3m

Coin collecting (or numismatics, to give it its proper name) has long been a hobby of mine so it was with great interest that I read this story of a rare American 5¢ coin. Of course, anything that is made in such small numbers is bound to be uncommon and therefore deemed valuable. We in Britain have a similar situation with regards to the 1933 penny, only 7 being known to exist (although nowhere near the price paid for this nickel; a '33 penny is still valued at approximately £40,000 today). It is always fascinating to note how such a simple decision or mistake such as a design change/error can influence a coin's value but as I, and any other collector, would no doubt tell you it is this very fascination, the variety and history, which all adds to the interest and excitement of numismatics. Whoever bought this nickel should be proud to have it in their collection, as I'm sure they are.

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