Sunday, 19 January 2014

One Lovely way to start the year

At the very end of last year (it still feels a little odd describing 2013 as "last year" but I'm sure that will soon fade), amid all the Christmas and New Year messages, I was delighted to receive the always-pleasant surprise of a One Lovely Blog Award from One More Stitch.

I can't say enough times how happy and genuinely thrilled I am that so many people actually read, enjoy and comment on this unassuming little blog.  When I started writing Eclectic Ephemera back in 2009, simply as a way to the fill the void left by my then-redundant job, I could scarcely have believed it would one day be entering its fifth year as a fully-fledged vintage blog - with a sponsored post under its belt and surrounded by so many like-minded online friends.  My very first post was entitled "Giant oaks from little acorns grow", which I'll admit was written with more than a little self-deprecating humour (fans of Laurel & Hardy may also have got the reference!) - as were my comments about it being "the best thing since sliced bread" or "dying a death within the month".  While sliced bread's place in history is still safe, things here are very much alive and the metaphorical oak tree is definitely well-established.  2014 could hardly have got off to a more promising start blog-wise and I hope this year will see Eclectic Ephemera evolve and grow even more.

So to this latest One Lovely Blog award, which I see has changed its appearance yet again.  The "rules" have stayed the same, though, but just in case anyone's still unfamiliar with them I have to thank the blogger who passed it on to me, reveal seven little-known facts about yours truly and pass on the award to seven blogs that I follow.

Many thanks indeed, then, to One More Stitch for passing on this award to me and for her kind words in re: my blog.  If you want to read about knitting pre-1900 and particularly in the 18th century I suggest you toddle on over to her blog.

Now, seven things about me.  Considering I was running low on "interesting" facts by the second one of these awards I'm really struggling now to think of seven more!  Like OMS I may come up short this time and I can guarantee we'll now be several feet below the bottom of the barrel.
Or a [Steampunk] submarine
  • I am not a particularly strong swimmer and have never been able to swim underwater.  Couldn't tell you why; there wasn't any off-putting moment in my youth or a struggle to learn, I've just never been able to get my head around the concept.  No, it's not for me!  We spent millions of years as a species evolving to get out of the water so if we were meant to still swim about under it we'd have been given the means to do so.  Instead we've had to create our own devices and they're the only way you'd ever get me below the waves.
  • I have always held an abiding dislike of wasps and balloons (this will count as two facts!).  I'm better now with both than I was as a child (the former in particular bordered on full-blown spheksophobia - there you are, I've just given you all a new word) but I will still move away from wasps or just flail about a bit, and balloons continue to leave me on edge (especially if they're in the hands - or mouth - of a baby!).  I'm no fun at parties or picnics, I can tell you!
  • I'm not particularly fond of loud noises in general, as it happens (hence my anti-balloon stance). 
    Not in my house
    Crockery banging together, doors slamming, shouting - that sort of thing really tries my nerves.  Not that I'm a nervous person by nature, but I value my peace and quiet and don't take kindly to noisy interruptions.  I do my best to be as quiet and soft as possible in my day-to-day routine and it annoys me when others maybe aren't quite so considerate.  Sometimes I just like to sit quietly and listen to the silence around me (even more of a treat if I'm out and about and find there's a sudden quiet moment).  Doubtless this is a trait inherited from my parents - mother's side all have pin-sharp hearing while father's lot were peaceful - you never heard him even raise his voice and I'm the same, if I shout it sounds unnatural to me and makes me feel quite rotten.
  • Thanks to a recently-renewed investigation into my family history I have been able to confirm an old family legend that held an ancestor of mine from Limerick, Ireland, plied the streets of the London as a blind whistler.  Lo and behold in the 1901 and 1911 census he is listed as clear as day - "street musician and whistler (blind)"!  The story further has it that he was "known to Queen Victoria"!  That's still unconfirmed, but as the first part is true, who knows...?
  • © IWM (A 9987)
    Granddad's primary ship HMS Agamemnon,
    pictured at the Kyle of Lochalsh, Scotland
  • My late grandfather served in the Royal Navy during WW2 as a leading telegraphist - meaning he sent and received [coded] messages in Morse Code, a language that never left him.  He was for the majority of the war on minelayers in the Nothern Barrage, around the North Atlantic, the North and Norwegian Seas.  His stories, some of which I have written down, would doubtless make for interesting reading and I hope one day to have the opportunity to look up his war record.
  • Gathering dust...
  • I think I may have mentioned this before (!) but my favourite board game is most definitely Monopoly.  Unfortunately outside of computer versions I haven't played it for years now because none of my friends and family like playing it.  "Boring and long-winded" they call it - the blimmin' cheek!  Will I ever find anyone willing to give me a game I wonder?

The seven bloggers I have chosen to pass this award on to all have equally splendid, well-deserving sites, such that I'm surprised I haven't already nominated them before.  They are:

Ruby Armoire
A Vintage Nerd
Vintage Follies
Mid Century Girl
Little Miss Bamboo
stories read aloud
We'll Meet Again

As always I know these things aren't everyone's cup of tea and anyone is perfectly entitled to do anything or nothing with this award - whatever they see fit.

Thanks once again to One More Stitch for nominating me, thanks to everyone for making it to the end of this post and congrats to the latest seven winners of the One Lovely Blog Award!


    1. You aren't alone about the balloons, I'm not very keen either, not bothered when they are just hanging up etc, it's when someone starts fooling around with them that makes me cringe, and the noise thing gets to me too.
      I was in Costa a few months ago with a friend, we just needed somewhere to sit for a bit and it was closest, but the racket from the kitchen of clattering crockery nearly drove me crazy! I don't know how they can stand to work there, it can't be good for them either, we left very quickly. I overheard other people complaining about it too, it really was unbelievably loud. Just ghastly.
      And I'm afraid I can't swim a stroke!

    2. Thank you so much, I'm chuffed to bits! Lovely to read your interesting facts too!


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