Monday 26 August 2013

A quiet little corner

Is what this blog is in danger of becoming.  Ray Noble & his Orchestra featuring Al Bowlly do indeed pose the pertinent lyrical question.

But don't worry, folks!  With luck vintage news will pick up again in the coming weeks and autumn is just around the corner - my favourite season and a chance to dig into my more substantial "A/W" (as the fashion houses would call it!) wardrobe.

A week has passed since my 30th birthday and I hope before too much longer to have an extensive post written up to do it justice - as soon as mater gets photos of the day to me (and finishes off her present!) and the Royal Mail deliver some remaining gifts (the perils of a bank holiday weekend!).  Until then here's a little taster of where I went the Sunday before my birthday - and it was a lot busier than this!

The Crooked Billet/ Osborne's Cafe, Old Leigh[-on-sea] Essex

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